Texas Wine

Stone House Patio



Stone House Wine Bar
Stone House Vineyard and Winery is run by Howard and Angela Moench, originally from Australia. The winery is an easy drive from Austin, and a great getaway to hang out and taste wine on a lazy afternoon. Belly up to the tasting bar and choose from wines made from Texas grapes, or some wonderful Australian imports from Stone House Australia.

Stone House Vineyard
Once you narrow down your choices and pick a wine to sip, take it out to the patio and order a snack to enjoy while you gaze upon the lovely vineyards, right next to you. Bring a blanket for lounging on the beautifully manicured green grass between the vineyard and patio.

Stone House Barrel Room
The winery has continued to expand over time. Special dinners and events are scheduled throughout the year. It's a great place to bring visitors and spend a lazy Texas afternoon. For a real treat, schedule your own special event in the barrel room.