Texas Wine

Lost Creek Winery



Lost Creek Grapevine Traveling to Lost Creek Vineyard in the winter when grapevines are dormant is a special time. There is a mysterious and unique beauty in the gnarled vines that simply must be experienced to be appreciated. Envisioning the life of the vine, from budbreak to harvest is intriguing and perplexing. Lost Creek Winery is definitely a hidden gem.

Lost Creek Sign Just head northwest toward Llano from Austin on Highway 71. On-site lodging makes for a great weekend. With all it has to offer, you could easily get lost and not want to return to reality. They have great facilities. They serve their own wines as well as wines from several other locations, and they feature a Bistro that serves all kinds of incredible southwestern cuisine - They even offer a sushi bar serving top grade sushi with a Texas twist!! Friday and Saturday nights showcase live music in the summer. The staff is also great, and very knowledgeable.