Texas Wine

Fredericksburg Winery Sign



Jene Switzer pouring wine

The Fredericksburg Winery is owned and operated by the 3 Switzer Brothers, their wives, and several members of their extended family. They are obsessed with wine, that's for sure. One brother, Jene (left photo), even named his daughter Chardonnay. I like the name. I think it has a lot better ring than naming your child Gewurztraminer. They have strong opinions about what's right and wrong, and how to make wine, and they certainly don't mind sharing. They are eager to share the fruits of their labors and you better believe, they never meet a stranger. The brothers, especially Cord, have been very active in advancing wine in Texas, playing a big role in Texas wine advocacy.

Fredericksburg Wine Trail MapI've heard mixed opinions about the Fredericksburg Winery, which is located right in the heart of the town. Folks I've spoken with either love it or not. By the way-it was named one of the top three Texas wineries by U.S.A. Today. I think some of the controversy comes from the fact that most of their wines have some level of sweetness, which may appeal to some wine drinkers, while others would be more impressed with drier wines. If you are in the dry wine camp, but enjoy a rich, fortified wine after dinner, you might want to skip through to the finale. Their Port style wine is a great way to wrap up an evening.