Texas Wine

Dry Comal Tasting Room



Dry Comal Birdhouses
Dry Comal Creek is a quaint down home winery outside of New Braunfels with a friendly staff. The lane welcomes you with a row of friendly bird houses. There are several 'Texas' wine styles to sample for a reasonable price. They provide crackers and sauces to help you get an understanding of the food pairing potential. I got to meet the winemaker, Joe Donnow, who recently moved to Texas from a winery in the Pacific Northwest.

Dry Comal Wine BarrelsI was given a personal tour, complete with samplings from some of the tanks. I must say, the operation is very impressive and spotless. I got to compare a future Cabernet Sauvignon with their 2008 version. Both were very good.

This would be a great place just to hang out and taste wine, or attend one of their events. For something different, you might want to check out their on-going, unpretentious classes called Winery U. They provide tastings and fun education about wine from all over the world.

Dry Comal Winery PorchIn addition to their wine, the store has a wide range of unique wine-related gifts and knick knacks-from arts and crafts to food and spices.