Texas Wine

Olive Trees



SignEver get the urge to make a quick trip to Italy?  Bella Vista Cellars of Bella Vista Ranch is off the beaten path, but much closer than Tuscany and just as charming.  The main claim to fame is olive oil from the well established olive orchard that expands across the property.  Tours of the orchard are available for a fee on the weekend.  The setting is serene and enchanting with an outdoor ambiance that beckons. 

Bella Vista InteriorThe tasting room is small but functional and pristine (with such beautiful outdoor surroundings, who would want to be inside anyway?) Samplings of the olive oils in addition to the well made wines are available.  The owner might come across as slightly curmudgeonly at first, but proves to be likeable and hospitable as conversation and tasting progresses.  His passion for the undertaking shines through. 

GateBella Vista even has a blackberry wine – I’ve been tasting wine for quite some time and I don’t think I would ever have guessed. It was the best non-grape wine I’ve had.  I was impressed by the style of the wines which to me came through as slightly old world with some hints of minerals and earth.  It is a style that would serve other winemakers in Texas well.